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AVENGED SEVENFOLD Promise 50% More Aviator Sunglasses on New Album

A7X have been looking to get back to their roots in an unexpected way.

INSANCE CLOWN POSSE Announce Million Juggalo March to Protest Killer Clowns

Detroit, MI — Insane Clown Posse have announced plans to hold a million juggalo march to protest the recent outbreak of killer clowns in...


Huntington Beach, CA — Wondering what the hell has been going on with Avenged Sevenfold lately? We have an answer for you. First it was deathbats...

Report: Local Man’s Elbow “Totally Got Some Boob” In Mosh Pit

Blake North is blissfully unaware that the boob actually belonged to the fattest, sweatiest guy in the pit.

Tim Lambesis Unsure Which Bra to Wear Today

While pouting in his cell, other inmates reported hearing Lambesis mumbling that he would "hire to kill" to find the right look.

Idle Car Kills 15 at Garage Show

Police are still baffled as to how a five-piece band, their gear and ten fans fit into a one-car garage with the car already in it.