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Tim Lambesis Unsure Which Bra to Wear Today

While pouting in his cell, other inmates reported hearing Lambesis mumbling that he would "hire to kill" to find the right look.

Idle Car Kills 15 at Garage Show

Police are still baffled as to how a five-piece band, their gear and ten fans fit into a one-car garage with the car already in it.

Rumor: GHOST to Add Actual Ghost to Line Up

According to experts, the most likely purpose the spirit will serve is for stage presence and the refraction effect that ectoplasm has when it comes into contact with stage lighting.

Tour Van With Nikki Sixx License Plate Develops Drug Addiciton

Vocalist Jack Woodson says the addiction is something the band can no longer ignore.

Donald Trump Refuses to Release iTunes Purchase History

The kind of music Drumpf listens to has the public concerned that not only could Drumpf not be qualified to be the president of the United States, but that he could also be a complete poser.

LAMB OF GOD Still Receive Booking Requests From Christians

Richmond, VA — Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe told media outlets Wednesday morning that in 2016, the band are STILL getting booked to...

HATEBREED Song Helps Hardcore Dancer Start Lawnmower 10 Times In a Row

Denver, CO — Local pit legend Ryan McClean successfully started a lawnmower unused for two years 10 times in a row. The idea came after...

Oakland Raiders Fans Accidentally Perform Entire KISS Set

New Orleans, LA — A group of Oakland Raiders fans accidentally performed the entire set of legendary rock band Kiss at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Al Brown,...